Railway troops celebrate 160 anniversary of establishment

MOSCOW, August 6 (Itar-Tass) —— Russia’s railway troops celebrate the 160th anniversary of establishment. Their history goes back to August 6, 1851, when Nicholas I approved regulations on management of the St. Petersburg-Moscow railroad. For its protection and exploitation, he ordered to organise 14 separate military-workers, two conductors’ and one telegraphic company.

In modern conditions, railway troops, integrated into the Ministry of Defence in 2005, are intended for technical coverage, recovery and protection of railroads for needs of the Armed Forces and other troops, for building new and improvement of capacity of existing railways. Soldiers rebuild railways, destroyed by natural disasters, and participate in tasks in accordance with international agreements Russia has.

On the eve of the professional holiday railway troops use new models of equipment and weapons and continue combat training, press service of the Defence Ministry said.

“Next week, the Western Military District will begin special tactical exercises, which will last for over 10 days,” the source said. “Over the exercise the military brigade will make a floating railway bridge across the Vologda River, will perform tasks on equipment repair, restoration of road. The exercises will involve more than 1,300 people.”

The ministry stressed that “the railway troops update constantly the equipment they use.”

“This year, railroaders will get mobile folding derricks /for lifting and installation of piles/ and specialised vehicles, and from 2012, they will receive mobile repair complexes.”

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