Real-Life Angry Birds: Crows Bomb Cars in Urals

In a heady mash of videogames and opposition activism, crows in the unofficial capital of the Urals dismantled a garden of stones to pelt lawmakers’ cars, Angry Birds-style.

Unlike the popular puzzle game, crows in Yekaterinburg did not ram the cars with their bodies, choosing instead to rain pebbles on vehicles parked by the building of Sverdlovsk Region’s legislative assembly, local lawmaker Maxim Ryapasov said.

The ammo for the bombardment came from a garden of stones set up on the legislative assembly’s terrace by its speaker Lyudmila Babushkina, Ryapasov said on his blog.

The attack lasted for hours, leaving at least three expensive sedans with broken windows and numerous chauffeurs of lawmakers and regional ministers in a helpless frenzy.

Ryapasov, who reported the story on Friday, pledged to provide a comment from the speaker by Monday, but the promise went unfulfilled. The legislative assembly’s press service had no comment, according to regional media.

Sverdlovsk legislature is controlled by the pro-Kremlin United Russia, which prompted a flurry of blog and forum reports accusing the crows of being in cahoots with the opposition.

But the birds were likely either being territorial or just having fun, ornithologist Tatiana Surkova told news website.


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