RF FMS head satisfied with results of RF-EU Dialogue on Migration.

6/7 Tass 185

MOSCOW, July 6 (Itar-Tass) — Head of Russia’s Federal Migration Service Konstantin Romodanovsky said he is satisfied with the first session of the Russia-EU Dialogue on Migration.

The Russia-EU Dialogue on Migration also focuses on visa issues, Romodanovsky said.

“It took 1.5 years to Russia and the EU to launch the Dialogue on Migration. We have common problems and our approaches coincide.” “The Dialogue also solves such moments as an approach towards united standards of documents,” the FMS head stressed.

“Such meetings help us understand each other and trust each other. It is very important for holding the visa dialogue,” Romodanovsky said.

Commenting on issues for implanting electronic identification chips in passports and fingerprints, the FMS head said, “Now we are working on it actively. We’ll do this till the end of the year.”

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