RIA Novosti launches seminar series with world innovation experts

RIA Novosti will hold its first five-hour seminar with innovation technology experts Ralph Simon (the U.K.) and Kei Shimada (Japan) in Moscow’s Multimedia Art Museum on Ostozhenka Street on June 2 as part of celebrations marking its 70th anniversary.

“The Innovation Gurus seminars will introduce the Russian audience to those individuals who shape our perception of future technology, and offer them a window onto the international media market’s development trends,” says Yelena Slinko, RIA Novosti’s Director of the Marketing and Development Department.

Ralph Simon, one of the founders of the modern mobile entertainment industry, will open this series of seminars with a speech on current mobile device and social network development trends. Infinita Inc founder and CEO Kei Shimada, who has a wealth of experience developing mobile and cross-platform websites, will describe how the mobile industry’s international expertise can be adapted to the domestic market, using his own firm as an example.

After the speeches, the two innovation gurus will lead a discussion with journalists and bloggers about how social networks and mobile devices are changing the way users behave. They will share real scenarios of successful strategies to promote brands on social networks and mobile devices. They will also reveal details of upcoming innovations in the mobile industry that are due to enter the market soon.

Over 150 people, including media professionals, bloggers and media analysts, are expected to participate in the seminar. It will be broadcast online at www.rian.ru/ria/70 in both Russian and English.

Several similar events with the world’s leading experts on current issues will be held throughout the year. For instance, Tomi Ahonen (Finland), a leading 3G strategy consultant and author of best-selling books on mobile advertising and marketing on social networking sites, will give a talk in September. The upcoming seminar by Peter Bruck, CEO of innovation research leader Research Studios Austria and board chairman for the World Summit Award (WSA) content and app competition, is sure to prove popular.

Nokia is an official partner of these seminars.

“Mobile services make life easier and open up opportunities that we couldn’t even have imagined before,” says Nokia Marketing Manager Alexandra Bobkova. She will attend the first seminar and, as an official Nokia representative, will ask the speakers how mobile technology will influence society in the near future.

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