RusAl Denies Guinea Plant Halted by Strike

Russia’s RusAl, the world’s largest aluminum producer, has denied media reports claiming operations at the company’s Friquia alumina plant in Guinea have been suspended by a strike.

Local media reported earlier on Thursday that workers at the plant had gone on strike for higher wages and paralyzed the plant. The workers want a minimum wage at $400 per month and medical expenses payments.

“Production is continuing. The strikers have restricted the passage of personnel to the plant,” a RusAl official told Prime news agency on Thursday.

RusAl said earlier the strike violated Guinean labor laws.

The Friquia plant, which employs 1,100 workers, produced 574,000 tons of alumina last year. RusAl plans to raise alumina production at the enterprise to 800,000 tons a year by 2013.


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