RusAl’s shares included in two Hong Kong stock indices

Shares of Russia’s RusAl, the world’s largest aluminum producer, were included in two new Hong Kong indices, the company said on Tuesday on its official page in Facebook.

The indices, the Hang Seng Foreign Companies Composite Index (HSFCCI) and Hang Seng Global Composite Index (HSGCI), will be launched on September 5.

“The fact that RusAl has become the first Russian company included in the indices opens new possibilities to attract investors and increase liquidity and creates preconditions for other Russian companies’ to successfully join Hong Kong trading floors,” RusAl quoted Equity and Corporate Development Director Oleg Mukhamedshin as saying.

RusAl shares have been trading in Hong Kong and Paris since the beginning of 2010.

The HSFCCI includes 15 foreign companies with capitalization of no less than three billion Hong Kong dollars. The HSGCI covers 401 companies, including HSFCCI firms.

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