Russia’s beach soccer reign continues

Russia’s national beach soccer team have proved once again their dominance of the sport, winning the Intercontinental Cup in Dubai.

Russia beat Brazil, just as it did two months ago in the final of the World Cup.This time the decisive game turned far more competitive, and the Brazilians even managed to attain parity in the regulation.

In the game of equal chances, the Russians were a bit more successful in converting their opportunities and found themselves ahead 4-2 midway through the third period. But then something inexplicable happened as Mikhail Likhachev’s charges let their opponents level things on the sand to settle an overtime.

The episode didn’t last long, however, as the man of the game, Dmitry Shishin, scored his third goal of the evening to make sure his team grabbed the title. The Russians have shown once again that they don’t intend to interrupt their winning streak, having grabbed every significant title in 2011.

Meanwhile, in the bronze medal game, Switzerland beat hosts UAE on penalties, 4-4 (1-0).

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