Russia’s Ray boasts biggest lips on planet

Zipping one’s lips can be a real challenge if they are officially labeled “the largest lips in the world”. All eyes have recently been on a Russian damsel who has literally become “all lips” after enlarging them with yet another silicone injection.

­It took Kristina Ray one hundred silicone injections exactly, to make her way into the Guinness World Records Book, wanting to look like her role model.

No, she didn’t want to have the features of Angelina Jolie or Scarlett Johansson. Ray’s heart has long belonged to… Jessica Rabbit from the 80s blockbuster cartoon comedy, Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

­The 22-year-old from St Petersburg has so far spent nearly $6,500 to get admirers licking their lips at the prospect of puckering up with Ray. She reassures those already burning with desire that she won’t stop there.

Regardless of the consequences and of the cost, Ray is determined to get a nose job and breast enlargements. She is also planning to make her ears a little more pointed.

Ray had her first lip injection when she was 17, and claims she hasn’t suffered any side effects.

The lippy Russian says loose lips sink ships. But her huge lips, she hopes, will help her move mountains.

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