Russia bans drug addicts from working in areas posing threat to life

Russia has banned drug addicts from working in a number of areas, including those which may pose a threat to life, the government said in a regulation released on Monday.

Under the regulation, drug addicts are not allowed to operate all types of transportation, including trains, airplanes, vessels, or transport explosives and flammable substances. Also they are banned from working in the petroleum, mining and nuclear industries.

They are also banned from pharmaceutical and medical activities, rescue and underwater activities and from working with children, including teaching. Addicts will also be banned from construction and repair works.

Addicts are not allowed to work in areas related to drugs and psychotropic substances trafficking, and cultivation of narcotic plants, along with arms trafficking.

The regulation does not specify addicts of particular drugs under the regulation and whether conditional users may also fall under the regulation.

Russia has an estimated 2.5 million drug users, including one-time users, occasional users and drug addicts.

MOSCOW, May 23 (RIA Novosti) 

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