Russia, China Should Think Of National Identity

SHANGHAI, June 1 (RIA Novosti) – In the era of globalization, the task of defining national identity has become more important for Russia and China than some 30 years ago, scientists said at a roundtable held by the Valdai International Discussion Club on Saturday.

The roundtable discussion, “National Identity in the Era of Globalization: the Experience of China, Russia and etc.,” has been organized by the Valdai Club and the School of Advanced International and Area Studies, East China Normal University.

The discussion was attended by Feng Shaolei, Dean of the School of Advanced International and Area Studies and Member of the Valdai Discussion Club Advisory Board, and Pavel Andreev, Executive Director of Valdai Club Foundation and RIA Novosti.

“The issue of defining identity is important both for Russia and China which have been in the process of transformation during the recent years. In this sense, the issue is more important today than 20 or 30 years ago, the time before the reforms,” Shaolei told RIA Novosti, commenting on the discussion.

“It is a very important and topical issue, linked to the processes of transformations and reforms and changes within the society,” Shaolei said adding that the discussion could continue in Moscow at a session dedicated to the club’s 10th anniversary.

The Valdai Club was established in 2004 and named after the location of its first meeting – the city of Veliky Novgorod near Lake Valdai. The Club’s mission is to foster a dialogue between Russian and foreign scientists, politicians and journalists and to provide a scholarly analysis of political, economic and social processes in Russia and the world. Its conferences are held in Russia and outside it and are attended by dozens of political analysts from many countries. Since the Club’s inception, its meetings have been attended by more than 600 representatives of the international academic community from 44 countries.

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