Russia Convicts Spy Of Exposing ‘Sleeper’ Cells

A Moscow military court today handed down a 25-year sentence to a former Russian intelligence agent who was convicted in absentia of exposing a Russian spy network in the United States.

Judge Aleksandr Ababkov said Aleksandr Poteyev was found guilty of treason and desertion.

Ababkov said Poteyev had received 20 years for treason.

“The Moscow District Military Court finds Aleksandr Poteyev guilty of high treason by the way of revealing state secrets to foreign nationals to the detriment of the external security of the Russian Federation,” Ababkov said, “pursuant to Article 275 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, and sentences him to 20 years in prison.”

Another five years were added to the sentence for desertion.

He is believed to be in the United States after reportedly fleeing Russia just days before the spies’ exposure in the United States in June.

Washington eventually swapped the 10 arrested Russian spies for four Russians convicted of spying for the West.

compiled from agency reports

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