Russia ‘Disappointed’ As Transdniester Reunification Talks Fail

Russia has said a conference aimed at finding an end to the standoff between Moldova and its breakaway Transdniester region has failed.

A Russian Foreign Ministry statement on June 22 said that “because of serious disagreement, the discussions have unfortunately failed.”

A two-day Moscow meeting of the 5+2 group consisting of Moldova, Transdniester, Russia, Ukraine, the European Union, the United States and the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe left the two sides no closer to agreement.

Russian-speaking Trandsniester seceded from Romanian-speaking Moldova in 1990 and the two sides fought a short war in 1992.

The last direct reunification talks between Moldova and Transdniester took place in 2006. The 5+2 group was formed in 2010 in an attempt to end the deadlock.

compiled from agency reports

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