Russia in High Risk of Buildings’ Collapse in 2013

MOSCOW, February 9 (RIA Novosti) – The Russian Emergencies Ministry issued a warning of emergency situations this year connected with the collapse of buildings and other facilities in various federal districts of the country.

According to the ministry’s data, over 90 million people, or roughly 60 percent of the Russian population, are residing in such potentially dangerous buildings and facilities.

“The highest risk [of collapses] is predicted on the territories of the Volga Region, the Far Eastern Region, North-West and Urals Federal Districts and in Moscow,” the ministry said

Reasons for possible collapses, according to the ministry, could be low grade construction works, mistakes in project designs and worn-out construction materials. Accumulation of snow on roofs also poses a high risk to buildings.

One of the most notorious building collapses in Russia occurred in February of 2004. The roof of the Transvaal aquapark in Moscow caved-in under the amassed snow, killing 28 people and injuring over 100, who were celebrating St. Valentine’s holiday there on February 14.


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