Russia ‘Island of Stability’ – Pro

ST. PETERSBURG, April 10 (RIA Novosti) – Russia is one of the world’s few islands of stability, so emigration is not an option, a member of the ruling United Russia party said on Wednesday.

“I advise those who want to emigrate from Russia today to watch the news,” Andrei Isayev, head of the parliamentary social policy committee, said in a lecture he gave as part of the Civil University project.

“We are not part of antagonistic political blocs; we are not enemies of the Islamic world and we are not enemies of the West,” he said. “We do not confiscate bank deposits and do not divest people of their property.”

Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, who is also the chairman of United Russia, launched the Civil University project, the party’s new educational project for members, in late March with the first lecture.

He said United Russia opponents should be given an opportunity to express their views at Civil University.

Prominent politicians, both Russian and foreign, and representatives of various political movements and organizations will be invited to lecture the “party students” as part of the project, designed to bring up professional politicians who would be well versed in history, political science, psychology and lawmaking.


The Civil University will be registered as an NGO, with United Russia cooperating with it on a contractual basis.


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