Russia Loses Estimated $312M This Year Due to Corruption

MOSCOW, October 31 (RIA Novosti) – Corruption in Russia has cost the country damages worth more than an estimated 10 billion rubles ($312 million) this year, the Kremlin administration chief said Wednesday.
Speaking after a session of Russia’s Anti-Corruption Council, Sergei Ivanov said the figure includes losses of 370 million rubles that have been documented and proven in court since the beginning of 2013.
This year, 2,500 officials reported attempts to bribe them, Ivanov said. A total of 835 criminal cases have been launched into these reports and 311 people have already been prosecuted.
According to data provided by Russia’s Supreme Court, 3,500 people have been brought to justice for corruption-related crimes in the past five years.
“In the past five years, 242,000-corruption-related crimes have been uncovered. The damage is immense,” Ivanov said.

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