Russia may ban energy drinks containing alcohol

Big News Network (IANS)
Tuesday 12th March, 2013

Lawmakers from the governing United Russia and opposition Just Russia parties introduced a bill Monday in the lower house of parliament that calls for a ban on the production and sale of energy drinks that contain low levels of alcohol and caffeine, media reports said.

“We consider it necessary to prohibit the production and sale of energy drinks in whose composition there is alcohol (between 1.2 and 12 proof) and caffeine, taking into account the harm done to the health of young people, who are the main consumers,” the bill says.

The legislations authors said consuming more than one energy drink is harmful because each beverage contains more than the maximum recommended daily dose of caffeine.

Excessive consumption of energy drinks can harm “teenagers, pregnant women and people with cardiac, nerve or blood problems”, the lawmakers said.

Studies of the energy drink market have concluded that the products target young people and teenagers, Russian news agencies reported, citing the proposed legislation.



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