Russia: No I will Not Peel Potatoes! (Oy)


In Russia: at the Penza area, a man was stab in the eye by his new wife after he refused to peel potatoes!

The man had met this woman after she had gotten out of jail for murder and fell in true love. They got married and soon after he refused to peel the potatoes one day and got a knife in the eye for his refusal. (What would you expect she already killed one person?)


The man waited three full days before going to see a doctor. He gave a story that he fell on the knife by accident. The accident story did not line up with the type of induced injury and after police questioned him again. The truth came out that his sweet loving wife got mad because he refused to peel potatoes.

The man who is now almost completely blind in his left eye, asked the court: “To be lenient with his wife.” (sentence was 15 months in jail)

Now that is true Love…

Kyle & Svet

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