Russia pokes fun by recreating Olympic rings malfunction during closing ceremony

Russia News.Net
Monday 24th February, 2014

Organizers of the Sochi Olympics closing ceremony showed their light-hearted side and poked fun at their own mishap at the opening ceremony with the Olympic rings.

At the opening ceremony on 7 February, one of the Olympic rings failed to transform from a snowflake.

According to news24, at the closing ceremony hundreds of dancers in the centre of the Fisht stadium in Sochi whirled into position to form the shape of the five Olympic rings with the top right ring failing to form.

Laughter echoed around the stadium as the spectators realised the deliberate mistake, followed by cheers as the dancers whirled out to fully complete the five rings, the report said.

According to the report, the producer of the ceremony, the controller of the state-run Channel One television Konstantin Ernst, hinted at the joke at a news conference earlier by wearing a T-shirt with an incomplete set of Olympic rings. (ANI)

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