Russia prepares to launch Progress M-11M space freighter to ISS

A Russian cargo spacecraft will be sent to the International Space Station (ISS) on Tuesday at 18:38 Moscow time (14:38 GMT), a spokesman for the Russian Mission Control said.

The Progress M-11M will lift off atop a Soyuz-U carrier rocket from the Baikonur space center in Kazakhstan.

It is to deliver 2.5 tons of expendables, fuel, water and foodstuffs, including green apples, lemons, oranges, onions and garlic to the ISS.

The freighter is scheduled to dock with the ISS on June 23 at 20:39 Moscow time (16:39 GMT).

Progress-family freighters have been the backbone of the Russian space cargo fleet for decades. In addition to their main mission as cargo spacecraft, they are used to adjust the ISS’s orbit and conduct scientific experiments.

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