Russia puts new n-submarine into service

Russia News.Net
Monday 23rd December, 2013

Russia Monday put its second Borei-class nuclear submarine into service, nearly one year after the first one in January.

Speaking at the launch ceremony of the Alexander Nevsky, President Vladimir Putin said the vessel is a completely new strategic missile carrier, Xinhua reported.

“Equipment of that class should become a cornerstone of the sea-based part of our nuclear triad,” Putin said via video link.

The submarine, whose construction started in 2004, was put afloat in the White Sea port of Severomorsk, home of the Russian Northern Fleet.

A third sibling submarine is expected to be put into service in 2014.

According to Putin, the Russian Navy will be equipped with eight Borei-class and eight multi-target Yasen-class nuclear submarines by 2020.

He added Russia will build more non-nuclear multi-target submarines and develop coastal naval infrastructure.

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