Russia raises its oil export duty by over 1%

MOSCOW, September 1 (Itar-Tass) — Russia’s oil export duty will increase by 1.34 percent or 5.9 dollars to 444.1 dollars per tonne as of September 1.

The government signed the relevant decree on August 24.

At present, Russia’s export duty totals 438.2 dollars per tonne.

An export incentive will reach 205.1 dollars per tonne as against 201 dollars. A year ago export incentives were introduced for 22 oil fields in Eastern Siberia.

However, in May the government excluded from the incentives list Surgutneftegaz’ Talakanskoye field and Rosneft’s Vanakorskoye and Vrekhnechonskoye fields.

As of August 1, export incentives were also cancelled for Surgutneftegaz’ Alinskoye field and the Irkutsk Oil Company’s Dulisminskoye, Zapadno-Ayanskoye, Yaraktinskoye, Markovskoye and Danilovskoye fields.

As of September 1, an export duty for light petroleum products will grow from 293.6 dollars per tonne to 297.5 dollars per tonne. An export duty for dark petroleum products will grow from 204.6 dollars per tonne to 207.4 dollars per tonne.

Under the decree, a petrol export duty will be raised from 394.4 dollars per tonne to 399.7 dollars per tonne.

An export duty for liquefied hydrocarbon gas will grow from 182.8 dollars per tonne to 192 dollars per tonne.

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