Russia sets up shop in Silicon Valley

Russia has opened an office in the American Silicon Valley to push the country’s high-tech projects on the world markets, Dmitry Akhanov Director of the “Rosnano” corporation,  in charge of collaboration with American  and Canadian companies has  told journalists.

The Innovative center will become the coordinating office of growth for three big Russian films in the U.S. The three Russian companies are the Open Joint Stock Company “Rosnano” set up to simulate innovative projects, the  Russian Venture Company, which will lobby for the state support for the high-tech sector and the “Skolkovo” Foundation, which is handling the construction of the innovative city outside Moscow.

Officials of the above listed companies will solve their own separate problems, as well as cooperate in the choice of a common strategy of interaction with American partners.

The opening of the “Rosnano” office in Silicon Valley took place after one and half years hard work in the U.S by Russian specialists, reveals Akhanov, Director of Rosnano USA. Tape.

“At a point, the Russian government and our company decided that it was necessary to up the contacts one notch,” Akhanov says.

“Since Silicon Valley is far away from Moscow, making it difficult to keep up communication even with modern technology, it was decided to open a kind of liaison office in the Valley,” Akhanov said. “Investments is a risky business and hence it requires personal contacts to have an opportunity to look your partners in the eye to try  to understand how successful your joint venture business would be,” Akhanov said.

The Rosnano office in the U.S, located at Sand Hill Road, near the offices  of the leading innovative companies in the Valley, has a small staff of Russians and Americans. “The interest shown in us by  those companies is evidence of the high interest by U.S high-tech companies and Investment Foundations,” Dmitry Akhanov says. He also wants to explain to Americans the changes that are taking place in the Russian economy. Tape.

“Russia has “Skolkovo” and special economic zones – the kind of investment development liked by American partners. Our office is a sort of fore-post for an interaction between the Russian high-tech and its American counterpart, and American money and American companies”, Akhanov says.

It was announced at the ongoing 8th Global Technology Forum in the U.S, that Russia was to open an advance office as part of its innovative center. This year, the Technology Forum opened with ”Day of Russia”.

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