Russia summons Bank of Moscow chief in fraud probe

MOSCOW (AFP) ndash; Russian investigators have issued a summons for the president of the Bank of Moscow, reportedly hiding in London, in their probe of an alleged fraudulent loan, the RIA Novosti agency said.
The bank chief, Andrei Borodin, was reported by Russian news agencies Tuesday to have fled in fear of criminal prosecution over a loan of 13 billion rubles (460 million dollars, 320 million euros) to the wife of Moscow’s then mayor Yury Luzhkov in 2009.
Luzhkov, sacked last September, created the Bank of Moscow, which became the country’s fifth largest bank after gaining Russia’s wealthiest city as a client.
Quoting from a document it attributed to the commission of inquiry, RIA Novosti said a summons has also been issued for Borodin’s deputy, Dmitry Akunine….

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