Russia to Allocate $26 Billion to Atomic Energy Complex Development

MOSCOW, June 9 (RIA Novosti) – The Russian government has approved a state program on the development of an atomic energy complex by 2020, with total funding of about 900 billion rubles or $26 billion, a decree on Russia’s official legal information website indicates.

Russia’s state-owned nuclear energy corporation, Rosatom, has been assigned the project, according to the decree. Among the main goals of the program are an increase in nuclear energy production of at least 184.3 million kWh, a surge in labor efficiency by 58.2 percent and 14.9 percent growth in the complex’ sales.

The program is also expected to generate about 100 patents in foreign countries from research and development and intellectual activity in the sphere of science and technology. The project also includes a plan to boost income from the atomic energy complex in foreign markets for nuclear technology and services by 53 percent.

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