Russia to buy two presidential jets from European manufacturer

Russia will purchase two Airbus jets for its leadership in a deal worth $235 million with a European aircraft manufacturer despite promises to help its own struggling aeronautical industry.
The Russian government announced on Thursday it is buying two Airbus A319ACJs from EADS, headquartered in Toulouse, France, as well as building two Russian Ilyushin Il-96-300 airliners for President Dmitry Medvedev.
The entire deal, including the building of four Mi-8 MTV-1 helicopters, will cost the Kremlin’s property department 18.6 billion rubles ($652.6 million).
Last year, Kremlin property manager Vladimir Kozhin said Russia may buy Ukraine’s Antonov An-158 jet for the Russian leadership, and was eyeing the purchase of Sukhoi’s most up-to-date Superjet 100 airliners.
MOSCOW, March 31 (RIA Nov…

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