Russia to Draft New Defense Industry Concept by Yearend

Russia will draft a new concept for the development of its defense industry that reflects existing and potential threats to its national security by the end of 2012, Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin said on Tuesday.

His satement was earlier misinterpreted by reporters as an announcement of plans to draft a new military doctrine.

“It will be a document on strategic planning for 30-40 years ahead,” Rogozin clarified in his Twitter blog.

The new concept will take into account “the analysis of potential threats, internal and external, and the preparation of a military-technical response to localize and neutralize these threats.”

“Work on the new concept will start in mid-May,” Rogozin said.

The announcement comes at a time when Moscow is searching for ways to counter the so-called European missile shield, NATO’s expansion toward Russia’s borders, terrorism and drug-trafficking.

It has been only two years since Russian President Dmitry Medvedev approved the country’s new military doctrine, which allows preventive nuclear strikes against potential aggressors and the use of military force to protect the lives and interests of Russian citizens abroad.

The Russian military has insisted on the strengthening of Russia’s nuclear deterrent as the cornerstone of strategic stability, while maintaining highly-efficient, mobile conventional forces.

The Russian government has allocated 22 trillion rubles ($730 billion) on the state arms procurement program until 2020.


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