Russia to Start In-Flight Testing Engines for MS-21 Plane in 2014

MOSCOW, March 25 (RIA Novosti) – The first in-flight tests of the domestically designed PD-14 engine for Russia’s MS-21 passenger planes are scheduled for 2014, the United Engine-Building Corporation (UEC) said on Monday.

The fifth-generation PD-14 engine is Russia’s first domestic development in the area of civilian engine-building for the last 25 years. Russia has invested 70 billion rubles ($2.26 billion) in the development of the engine.

“At present, the engine is being prepared for tests on an Il-76-based airborne testing lab, scheduled to take place in 2014,” UEC spokesperson Anastasia Denisova said.

The engine is expected to be certified in 2015 and go into production in 2016.

The PD-14 has been developed by Russia’s Aviadvigatel company to become one of the alternative power plants for the new family of MS-21 twin-jet passenger aircraft with seating capacities of 150-215.

MS-21 aircraft are to replace all models of Tu-154B and Tu-154M aircraft as well as Yak-42 in Russia.

The deliveries of MS-21 will start in 2017 and the initial production models will feature Pratt Whitney PW1400G engines.


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