Russia tourist, now at intensive care unit in Turkey, to fly to Moscow

BARNAUL, July 14 (Itar-Tass) — A tourist from Barnaul City, Alexei Rogachev, who is at an intensive care unit in Turkey, will be brought to Moscow in the near future where he will continue treatment, Itar-Tass learnt on Thursday from Rogachev’s relatives.

Particulars of how his evacuation will be paid for, is unclear so far. Rogachev’s relatives flew from Barnaul (south-western Siberia), to Moscow to meet him.

The 39-year-old dentist and his wife had rest in the Turkish resort city of Alanya. On July 2, he fell ill and was hospitalised in that city. Medics issued the following diagnosis to the Russian: acute kidney deficiency and pancreonecrosis. He was linked to an apparatus of artificial ventilation of lungs in the state of an artificial coma.

On July 8, his doctor permitted Rogachev’s evacuation to Russia, but only by a special sanitary plane with adequate equipment and an accompanying reanimation team. This flight costs around 60,000 US dollars. However, Rogachev’s standard insurance (15,000 dollars) cannot cover such expenses.

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