Russia Touts Yak-130 Combat Trainer in S.America

South American air force chiefs have shown interest in Russia’s Yakovlev Yak-130 Mitten trainer/light attack aircraft, the plane’s maker said on Thursday.

“We have conducted negotiations with the Air Force chiefs of Argentina, Bolivia, Paraguay and Uruguay,” Urkut Vice President for Marketing Vladimir Sautov said at the FIDAE-2012 International Air Show.

They showed interest not only in a two-seater but also one-seat version, he said, adding the latter could only be manufactured if there was a firm order from a large customer.


Irkut started exporting the planes in 2011. Foreign market capacity is estimated at 250 machines.

In December, Irkut and the Russian Defense Ministry signed a contract for the supply of 55 Yak-130 by 2015.



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