Russia wont ban homosexual relations Putin

Russia News.Net
Saturday 18th January, 2014

Russian laws do not criminalize homosexual relations unlike some other countries, President Vladimir Putin said Friday.

“We prohibit nothing and grab no one, there’s no responsibility for those relations unlike in the other countries,” Putin told the Winter Olympics volunteers’ gathering in Sochi Friday.

He mentioned several U.S. states as an example and assured that in Russia everyone can feel “relaxed”, reports Xinhua.

“But leave the children alone,” Putin added, referring to the Russian law banning propaganda of non-traditional sexual lifestyle among the minors.

Last June, Putin signed a controversial law banning the promotion of “non-traditional” sexual relationships and pedophilia to minors. The move sparked outcry abroad with many athletes and celebrities calling to boycott the Winter Olympics from Feb 7-23.

Putin proceeded with reminding that in some countries legalisation of pedophilia has been on agenda and suggested not to follow that idea.

He noted that Russia has got its own traditions and culture and expected its partners to respect them.

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