Russian Bikers Open Season with Church Support Race

Russian bikers have opened a regular motor season in Moscow on Saturday night starting a race in the Orthodox Church support.

The race with about 700 riders participated started from the viewing platform near the Moscow State University. The event was organized by the Night Wolves motorcycle club.

The police divided the riders into groups of 50-80 bikers to guarantee safety at the city’s roads, city transport police official Nikolai Kashcheyev told RIA Novosti before the race.

The riders tied special Easter balls to their motorcycles for the race, Alexander Zaldostanov, a.k.a. The Surgeon, and leader of the Night Wolves, told RIA Novosti.

The Russian Orthodox Church has previously announced general church prayer service in support of the Church and its holy sites for April 22. The prayers will be held in all the cathedrals of the Church’s eparchies.


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