Russian billionaire buys most expensive home in US for $100m!

A Russian billionaire has reportedly splashed out 100 million dollars to buy a house in the US, which is believed to be the highest known price ever paid for a single-family home in the country.

However, Yuri Milner, a 49-year-old who made his money in technology, including Facebook and Groupon, and heads Digital Sky Technologies, has no plans to move in to the US property.

He currently lives in Moscow, with his wife and two children, reports the Daily Telegraph.

The 25,500 sq-foot property in Los Altos, California, comes with indoor and outdoor pools, a ballroom, home theatre, and a wine cellar, according to the Wall Street Journal.

It also has a reported five bedrooms and nine bathrooms and sits on 11 acres of land.

It reportedly took eight years to build, and was finished in 2009.

The architect William Hablinski told the Journal “there wasn’t a real budget” when it came to the design. (ANI)

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