Russian billionaire saves stray dogs from being killed ahead of Olympic opening ceremony

Russia News.Net
Friday 7th February, 2014

Russian billionaire Oleg V. Deripaska is trying to save stray dogs in Sochi, Russia by funding a rescue effort in conjunction with his charity organization Volnoe Delo.

Russia’s government has authorized a pest removal company to rid the city of hundreds of stray dogs before the Olympic opening ceremony, believing them to be dangerous to be left roaming around, People Magazine reported.

Melnikova said that they were told either to take all the dogs in the Olympic Village or they will shoot them.

Stray animals are currently being brought to a makeshift shelter called PovoDog by the help of a rescue cart.

About 80 animals are being held there presently, with many locals believing them to be abandoned pets or their offspring of abandoned pets. (ANI)

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