Russian boxer Lebedev defeats Jones, prepares for title bout

Russian boxer Denis Lebedev knocked out Roy Jones, Jr. on the last seconds of the final round late on Saturday and showed his ability to fight for a world champion title.

“Denis showed that he is ready to fight with strongest opponents and with big names. He showed his resolution. His next fight will be held here, in Moscow. And it will be a world champion title bout,” Lebedev’s manager, Denis Khryunov, said.

Lebedev (22-1, 17 KOs) said his opponent was in good shape, but failed to surprise him.

“Roy was just what we expected of him – agile, cunning, fast. And his punches became no slower – they are still as quick as they used to be,” the 31-year-old Russian boxer said.

“The most difficult period for me was after the sixth round. I seemed to be out of breath, but then I reached the turning point and everything was fine again,” Lebedev added.

Jones (54-8, 40 KOs), who is now on a three-fight losing streak, praised Lebedev as “a tough competitor,” saying his opponent was ready to fight for a championship belt and was one of the best fighters in his division.

“It was a great shot, I can’t take nothing away from him,” Jones said about the final punch which sent him to mat face first.

MOSCOW, May 22 (RIA Novosti)

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