Russian Cop Quits After Video Shows Him Urinating In Precinct Hallway

A senior Russian police officer from the St. Petersburg area has reportedly resigned after a video of him urinating in an office corridor became an Internet sensation.

Tens of thousands of people have watched a time-lapse version of the video posted on YouTube.

It shows the police officer, dressed only in a pair of underpants and socks, calmly walk out of an office and relieves himself on the hallway floor.

Leaving a conspicuous puddle on the floor, he then strolls back inside the office.

Other staff gradually emerge from their offices to gaze in disbelief.

The video — shot by the in-house closed-circuit camera —  identified the policeman as Aleksei Isakov, the head of personnel of  the police force of the Lomonosov district outside St. Petersburg.

Police for the St. Petersburg area confirmed the authenticity of the video.

They say Isakov was at the office that day “in a state of alcoholic intoxication.”

compiled from agency reports

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