Russian Corruption Hard To Stop…

Dmitry Medvedev
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Who would of thought? 🙂

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev admitted on Wednesday that his crusade against corruption has so far yielded few practical results.

“It is obvious that no one is satisfied with our progress in clamping down on corruption,” Medvedev said, adding that there had been no major achievements in a campaign he had flagged as a priority of his presidency.

However, the president told Russian lawmakers that the fact that the topic was being openly discussed was a positive sign

He also recalled that in the past, the dominant view was that any fight against corruption was doomed to failure, but now ordinary people, businessmen, and “reasonable bureaucrats” believed that something had to be done.

“But it is clear that too little has been done so far. However, this does not mean that nothing is happening, there are some results and our law enforcement authorities have stepped up their activities”, said Medvedev.

The corruption all over the world is hard to stop and America is one of the worst. So why does Russia think they can stop it…

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