Russian courts have to handle too many cases – Medvedev.

26/7 Tass 189

MOSCOW, July 26 (Itar-Tass) — Russian President Dmitry Medvedev said on Tuesday Russian courts have to handle too many cases, which tells on the quality of their work.

“Despite efforts taken to simplify the laws, easier tax regimes and better property protection guarantees, courts still have to handle too many cases,” he said at a meeting with judges of courts of arbitration and general jurisdiction courts. Thus, the number of bankruptcy cases has increased by 18 times, he cited statistics of the Court of Arbitration. “If the situation is really like this, it is a bad figure,” he said and called on the participants in the meeting to advance proposals how to ease the “excessive burden.”

According to the president, efforts are currently being taken to introduce conciliation procedures. Such procedures, in his words, “are geared to not merely relieve the courts of excessive work but to reduce conflict level in society.” Up to 80 percent of disputes are settled using such procedures in many countries, he said.

He also suggested the issue of a possible court of financial arbitration should be looked at.

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