Russian demands ceasefire in Libya

The Russian
State Duma intends to demand a comprehensive ceasefire in Libya.

This was stated
in a declaration drafted by the lower chamber of parliament, the text of which was
obtained by ITAR-TASS.

The State
Duma believes that the implementation of UN Security Council resolution 1973,
which Russia abstained from voting on, revealed the desire of several countries to
use it as a pretext for achieving other goals.

on March 19th, as part of a military operation carried out by a
coalition of countries, missile and bomb strikes began on the territory of

According to media reports, a number of targets that are in no way related
to implementing a no-fly zone have been hit during air strikes, the document

parliamentarians are concerned about the extent of the use of military force by
the international coalition against Libya, and that it is leading to more
casualties among the civilian population.

Russia should be actively
involved in diplomatic efforts, including possible mediating to end the
violence in Libya, said the statement.

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