Russian deputy survives assassination attempt

Saratov Region deputy Sergei Kurikhin survived an assassination attempt on Thursday when his car was attacked by gunmen who riddled his car, the head of the local investigative committee, Nikolai Nikitin, said on Friday.

Over a dozen bullets were fired into Kurikhin’s car when he was driving a family friend home. He was nicked by a bullet in the incident, but was not hospitalized. One of his security guards was seriously wounded and is in critical condition.

Kurikhin’s family friend and driver who were also inside the unarmored car were not injured.

Nikitin said the shooting was carried out from a derelict house, with a Bors machine gun. Two bullets from a 9-mm handgun were also found.

An investigation into the shooting has been launched.


SARATOV, June 10 (RIA Novosti)

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