Russian diplomats demand tighter security for mission in Libya

Russia News.Net
Tuesday 8th October, 2013

Russia has reportedly demanded that Libya should provide its diplomatic mission with a new, higher-security compound.

Russian ambassador to Libya, Ivan Molotkov said that the diplomats are not going to return to the old building.

According to report, as many as 51 Russian diplomats were evacuated from the Libyan capital of Tripoli after armed mobs attacked the embassy last week, following the alleged murder of a Libyan officer by a former Russian female powerlifter.

Molotkov said that the decision to evacuate Russian embassy was due to the inability of Libyan authorities to guarantee the diplomats’ safety.

He further said that Libyan authorities have warned them about a new attack, and still they said that they couldn’t guarantee their safety adding that earlier Russians had told authorities that the embassy’s protection measures were too lax. (ANI)

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