Russian farmers choose "Beauty Queen" among sheep

Farmers in Russia’s central Yaroslavl region held a beauty pageant among sheep and chose a Beauty Queen of Russia’s famous breed, Romanov sheep.

During the annual festival, Romanov sheep, Russia’s Golden Fleece, residents of the town of Tutaev, where the famous breed of domestic Romanov sheep was originated in XVIII century, chose the most purebred sheep.

The winner of the contest met most of the standards for the breed, including lack of white spots on the neb and legs as well as thick curly wool and weighing no less than 38 kilograms.

Mikhail Kostylev of Yaroslavl’s Livestock Research Institute said that Romanov sheep are sold worldwide, from Germany and France to Canada and African countries due to their “unsurpassed” wool qualities and fertility.

Purebred Romanovs are traditionally born black, but as they grow older the color quickly turns into soft silver gray.

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