Russian history books to have entire chapter devoted to Vladimir Putin

Russia News.Net
Tuesday 24th September, 2013

Russian President Vladimir Putin will have an entire chapter dedicated to him in a new official history book to be used in schools in the country.

An entire chapter will be devoted to Putin’s domination of politics since he came to power in 2000.

The period from 2000, when Putin took over from Boris Yeltsin, until his election as president for a third-term in 2012, will form a separate section of the history textbook.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, an official from the ministry of education said that after long consultation it was decided that the textbook should include the history of Russia up to the last presidential elections.

Earlier this year, Putin ordered historians at the Russian Academy of Sciences to prepare a standardised textbook which would provide students with a definitive history of their country.

The decision to include the Putin years has caused some nervousness among those charged with producing the book, the outline for which is due to be presented next week, the report added. (ANI)

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