Russian human rights activists urge to establish election code

Russian human rights activists have proposed adopting an election code that would regulate the country’s election legislation, Andrei Buzin, the head of the election monitoring department of the Golos NGO said on Thursday.

“The things that are now happening to the election legislation is a full deviation from the 1997 version,” Buzin said, referring to the election law that was adopted in 1997 and still remains operational.

The new document designed by the NGO Golos envisages easier rules for registration of candidates as well as reducing the minimum amount of signatures needed for a candidate to be registered for elections.

In regard to the forthcoming parliamentary elections due to be held on December 4, Buzin said that Golos would monitor the polls during the entire election campaign and on the day of elections.

The rights activist said that the upcoming polls were attracting large amounts of people willing to work as observers during the polls.


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