Russian Interior Ministry sues initiator of Saratov’s car accident with children deaths

Russian Interior Ministry has sued a driver, an alleged initiator of a car accident in Saratov which led to two children’s death, the ministry said on Saturday.

Two 12-year old girls died and 14 children aged 8 to 12 years injured after car accident with four cars in Russia’s Volga region on Saturday’s afternoon.

An official of Saratov region’s Health Ministry told RIA Novosti that three children were at the painful stage, while 13 injured, including two adults, had moderate severity level.

The maximum penalty for the driver can be an imprisonment for seven years with the deprivation of driving license up to three years, according to Russian laws.

An Interior Ministry official told RIA Novosti that children were taken from school to circus not in the special school bus, but in minibus taxi without safety belts.

“It was a common inner-city minibus taxi, the driver had no right to carry children,” the official said.


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