Russian jail holds Greenpeace activists

Russia News.Net
Sunday 20th October, 2013

Around four million barrels of spilled oil is flowing into the Arctic Ocean every year, according to Greenpeace.

The environmental organization has said the high amount of spilled oil is due to the Arctic drilling that Greenpeace has been trying to stop for many years.

Recently, Greenpeace grabbed more public attention when some of its members tried to hang a protest banner on an Arctic Ocean oil platform.

Last week, the crew and the American captain of the Greenpeace ship were charged with piracy for a protest at the Russian Prirazlomnaya oil rig, which is owned by Gazprom, the state oil company.

They were denied bail last Monday by a Russian court.

Peter Willcox, 60, and his crew of about 30 protesters were arrested on September 19th.

Following the arrest Russian President Vladimir Putin told the International Arctic Forum: “They are obviously not pirates.”

International outrage has since grown to secure their freedom.

Protests have been held at Russian consulates in about a half dozen cities, including in Sydney, Paris, London, Madrid and Hong Kong, to release the activists.

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