Russian Minister Urges U.S. Officials to Take Up Yoga

Friday, Apr. 4

Interested in acquiring or developing property? Then make sure you don’t miss the St. Petersburg International Property Show beginning today at LenExpo and finishing tomorrow. Both real estate agents and property developers welcome the chance to not just invest in the burgeoning property market of one of Europe’s largest cities but to sell to a selected audience of high-income buyers.

Saturday, Apr. 5

The Russian National Library will be the site of Chanel No. 5: It’s Creator and History, a lecture about the iconic perfume and how it became the epitome of luxury. The lecture begins at 4 p.m. in the library at 18 Sadovaya Ulitsa.

Sunday, Apr. 6

Today is the final day of Leisure Without Borders, an international travel exhibition at LenExpo that began Apr. 4 and concludes today. With summer and the inevitable start of tourist season on the horizon, travel agents and all associated with the industry are encouraged to attend and learn more about not only Russia’s incoming tourism industry but other nation’s as well.

Monday, Apr. 7

Learn all about the latest achievements in earth science at the St. Petersburg International Geosciences Conference and Exhibition beginning today at the International Exhibition Business Center at 2 Nab. Reki Smolenki and continuing until Apr. 10. Visitors from all over Europe will converge on the center to discuss topics such as reservoir modeling, marine seismic activity and gravimagnetics.

Tuesday, Apr. 8

If making men and women beautiful is your chosen profession, stop by Expocenter Eurasia’s Beauty Health Youth trade fair this week. Showcasing the latest in pharmaceutical, cosmetic and hygiene products, entrepreneurs who want to ease their client’s transition from an ugly duckling to a beautiful swan are encouraged to attend.

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