Russian Movement Solidarity: All Hail Garry Kasparov!

Russian Movement Solidarity,

Was created in December of 2008 to bring all the opposition forces to the Kremlin together in a unified group, held its first rally in Moscow on Saturday.

Looks like around 350 people took part in the rally sanctioned by City Hall. (Other words they got approval.)

Ex-Russian premier Mikhail Kasyanov, the leader of Russia’s People’s Democratic Union, and Kremlin critic, ex-chess champion Garry Kasparov, addressed the crowd. The main topic from these two was to blamed Prime Minister Vladimir Putin for the inability to overcome the economic crisis.

These two always blame Putin for everything. It seems strange that they hardly ever jump up and down about Medvedev. – Just Putin!

Kasparov has a web site and he has a line of bull a mile long and it is fun reading. Everything on the site is in English so you can go and enjoy. Remember that as you read this site has an ex stream bias in all its articles and polls. The site is carefully written to slam the Kremlin.

One thing that Garry Kasparov has no understanding of is Democracy, but he likes to be the center of attention.

Police said there were no serious incidents during the rally.

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Update: picture to the right —>

Huge protest over Irish economy:

About 100,000 people demonstrate in Dublin in protest at the Irish government’s handling of the recession.

Now That Is A Protest!!!!!

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