Russian police detain car lover with 72-year license revocation

Police in the Russian Urals city of Chelyabinsk detained on Tuesday a 40-year-old named Sergei, who is banned from driving for 72 years, or until 2077, regional police said.

“The driver was brought to administrative reprimand 247 times, including 68 times for driving with a revoked driver’s license, and 18 times for driving under the influence of intoxicants. The total term of the suspension of his license is 72 years,” police said in a statement.

Sergei, who still hopes to retrieve his license, must live to the age of 112 before getting it back.

“Actually I think that being banned from driving for 72 years is like facing the firing squad three times in a row,” Sergei said, adding that he totally admitted his guilt and was ready to do anything to get his license back.

A driver from the Western Siberian city of Barnaul hit the record of the longest driving suspension. He lost his license for 156 years in 2009 after being detained by traffic police 194 times. The man regularly drives his car drunk.


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