Russian Police Officer Nominated for Award After ‘Catching Spirit’

MOSCOW, October 13 (RIA Novosti) – A district police officer from Siberia was nominated for an all-Russian professional competition after he eased a local resident’s concerns about an intrusive spirit, the regional police department said.

About two months ago an elderly man complained to Ivan Shmidt, a police officer in charge of the Maslyaninsky district in Siberia’s Novosibirsk Region, about an intrusive domovoi, a house spirit in the Slavic folklore.

According to the Russian folklore, every house is said to have its domovoi, the home’s guardian and a helper in household routines. However, it is believed that they can sometimes turn evil if angered by disrespect or poor keep of the household.

“The citizen said that his house is being inhabited by an invisible domovoi that walks around and talks. The house was examined by the officer, who found no traces of intrusion or theft,” the Novosibirsk Region said in its nomination letter, submitted to organizers of an all-Russian competition of district police officers.

The officer recommended the man to catch the spirit in a trap made of an ordinary glass jar.

“Two days later, the citizen brought the glass jar with the “domovoi” to Shmidt’s office,” reads the nomination letter, posted on the Novosibirsk Region’s police department website. “A week later, the man thanked Shmidt for helping him to get rid of the spirit and said the domovoi hasn’t bothered him since.”

Shmidt’s colleagues nominated him for the all-Russian competition for the best district police officer. The winner will be announced on November 17.


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