Russian Space Agency Joins Instagram

MOSCOW, February 19 (RIA Novosti) – Roscosmos has opened an account on the image-sharing network Instagram to improve its public relations, the Russian space agency said Wednesday.

The agency hopes improved lines of communication will bolster public excitement about spaceflight by keeping those interested informed about current space events.

Roscosmos spokeswoman Irina Zubareva said the agency’s Twitter and Facebook accounts that were opened last month had already attracted a number of useful comments.

The first 14 images uploaded to the agency’s Instagram account include pictures of cosmonauts, the launch of a Proton rocket, spacecraft at the International Space Station and photos of the Earth and moon.

NASA has long had a presence on social media sites and maintains over 100 Twitter feeds, including individual feeds for a variety of space missions, such as its two active Mars rovers, Curiosity and Opportunity.


Roscosmos’ Instagram Page


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